Guides: How to Get Summer Internships

When it comes to getting summer internships, there are usually two classic routes students take to find them.

The route most students are familiar with is: the standard application process that involves a written application and an interview process [the sort of process that a college admissions counseling service could help with]. Although the process is very procedural, it’s an efficient way for the program to screen students and for students to apply to multiple summer programs in a timely manner.

Another method students use is the utilization of connections and references to try and find internships. These connections often are the student’s parents or other mentor figures such as coaches. Given how competitive getting summer internships have gotten in recent years for high schoolers, students should try to use both methods to try and get as many opportunities as possible.

As mentioned in other blog posts, the application process of internships is all about deadlines and time management. From figuring out when applications are due to balancing some of the lengthier applications with school-work, students should always be on their toes and make sure that they don’t waste an opportunity due to negligence.

While using connections if often seen as a shortcut when it comes to getting summer internships, it’s an effective way to discover internships that aren’t highly publicized and also helps the student build early networking skills. Sometimes, the internship that a student wants doesn’t even exist yet, but by asking around and shooting off resumes, opportunities may be dug up in unexpected places.

Whether it is applying through the standard process or networking, one important thing to getting any summer internship for a student is to make sure that their resume is up-to-date. Doing so not only maximizes the chances of getting a summer internship, but also develops a habit that will be very beneficial in the future when applicants are in college and in the workforce. A college admissions counseling service like Empowerly can also help you understand your resume and application process.

Regardless if a student had to apply or had gotten a summer internship through a connection, the one item that any employer will want to see is a resume. As a high school student, programs and employers won’t expect multiple huge achievements for its applicants. What they do look for, though, is commitment to whatever extracurriculars the student is invested in and leadership potential in those extracurricular activities.

There is no right or wrong way to get summer internships. Both applying to them or finding them through a mutual connection require their own unique skills that students will eventually learn anyway as they pursue a career. In all honesty, mastering both is the best way for a student to set him or herself up for success heading into the summer and beyond.

In addition, the resume is the key ingredient that ultimately will help the student land an internship, making it essential for students to make sure their respective resume is the ideal representation of them as candidates. It may just be one summer, but the process of getting summer internships is a skill-set that will aid any student in the future.

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