Interesting College Majors Part 1: Food Sciences

person raising hand with fresh poplar mushrooms

This is part of a series on interesting college majors you can pursue at a variety of different colleges. By deciding on a field of study you’d like to pursue, you can create a list of colleges to apply to that offers majors for that field. Sometimes high school students are not aware of their options when it comes to majors. We hope these articles encourage you to explore your options and find a major that helps you achieve your goals. 

When most people think of career options within the food industry, they tend to think of service jobs, management, owning a restaurant, or becoming a chef. These are all viable career options, and there will always be work in the food industry. But owning a restaurant can be risky, and working in service is not for everyone, either as management or as a cook.

These interesting majors offer a path for those who love food but also love science. People who earn degrees in these majors can explore a wide variety of interesting career options upon graduation that go beyond the status quo of food industry jobs.


What is it: Offered by the Department of Horticultural Science, this major focuses on the science and business of citrus fruits. With a citrus grove on campus and internships for all students, this Bachelor of Science degree offers hands on experience in the field. Students are required to take classes such as Soil Science and Citrus Grove Management. A minor in Horticultural Science is also available to those majoring in Citrus.

Which schools offer it: Florida Southern College.

Fermentation Sciences

What is it: This degree focuses on the process of fermentation, which is the process that creates wine and beer, but it also applies to yogurts, cheese, pickles, and other foods. A B.S. in Fermentation Sciences can land you a job at any number of breweries or wineries in the country. It will also allow you to start your own business in the field. Students are required to take a number of science and math classes, and have the option to also take classes like Food Microbiology, Food Packaging, and Food Law.

Which schools offer it: Oregon State University, Colorado State University, and Southern Illinois University, amongst others.

Bakery Science and Management

What is it: This program at Kansas State University boasts a 100% job placement rate for graduates. Students participate in baking science lab courses, and also take classes such as Cereal Science, Flour and Dough Testing, and Bakery Layout. Interested participants can also minor in Bakery Science, Cereal Chemistry, or Pet Food Science.

Which schools offer it: Kansas State University

Viticulture and Enology

What is it: A major in Viticulture and Enology is a sort of fusion between the Fermentation Sciences and Citrus. Students study wine-grape growing and winemaking, and the program gives special interest to the science, business, and management of creating wine. Sample classes include Wine Culture and Wine and Grape Flavor Chemistry.

Which schools offer it: Cornell University, UC Davis, and Washington State University, amongst others.

To discover more majors like these or other interesting college majors, you can search for majors offered in your field of interest, or browse the “majors” page of different college websites. Oftentimes when a college offers majors as specific as these, they also have more general versions of the same degree. This can help you explore a field of study if you’re not ready to choose such a specific major. You can also work with a college counselor who can assess your interests, recommend majors you might want to pursue, and help you discover colleges that offer such majors.  

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