Dealing with Application Stress

Andy Wang
Andy Wang

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With application season about to be in full swing, it’s not uncommon for students develop the so-called “application stress” that persists throughout the majority of first semester of senior year. Life becomes a constant balance between classes, extracurriculars, and somehow finding time between the two of those to get write those essays and supplements. However, learning to cope with this type of stress is an essential skill for all applicants as it not only is useful for stressful times such applying to schools, but also to future facets of life such as college and work.

How to Start Dealing with Application Stress?

There are a couple of things that any student that can do to cope with the stress. It all starts with making sure that you’re mentally and physically focused to take on the applications. This means making sure the student gets enough sleep at night, and that they’re eating properly. A common way to deal with stress is often snack on fried, oily foods. While initially good, this doesn’t help the student with a balanced diet (supplemented with exercise if time permits). Taking care of your health will help a student far along the application process.


In terms of the actual application, the most effective way to ease the stress is simply to start early. Some of the bigger application such as the Common App are released very early on if not before the school year, making it easy for students to get a head start before the coursework picks up. After the course work catches up, a proactive student will definitely make sure to take some time out of the week to finish up his or her essays and make edits. Giving a solid week before the due dates to just edit is a great way to relieve the pressure that other may feel who are cramming.

Follow Through: Conquering Application Stress

The biggest maxim regarding the application is simple. Stay on top of deadlines, and complete each task without falling behind too much in classes. Stress usually forms when tasks pile up on top of each other without any getting completed. As students, spending enough time each week during throughout the first few months will keep the stress to a minimum later. This is how to set up an environment conducive to both a student’s mental and physical health.

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