Easy Edits to Make to Your College Essay

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Kristen Seikaly
Kristen Seikaly

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A college essay can have a lot of power in a student’s application, so you’ll want to make sure yours is top notch. We recommend a professional college essay proofreader to take your essay to the next level. However, we also recommend that you proofread your essay first to make the most of your session. There are a number of easy edits to make to your college essay that you can do right now.


This is something you should decide before you begin to even write. Finding a good topic for your college essay can do more for your essay than any edits could. Make sure the topic is something you’re interested in, and don’t worry too much about whether it’s a topic other students are writing about. Universities like to see emotional and passionate essays, so focus on what you want to write about first. 


Good grammar will serve your entire application well, not just the essay. If grammar is not a strong suit for you, then invest in some grammar guides like The Elements of Style or Grammar Girl (including her student version), or a grammar application like Grammarly. Developing your grasp of grammar will help you beyond college applications anyway.


Spell check programs are amazing, and can solve the vast amount of your spelling mistakes. Be careful though! Spell check doesn’t catch everything, such as spelling mistakes for words with double meanings. For example, if you meant to spell “dear” but accidentally wrote “deer” then a spell check program might not catch that.


Word applications don’t always capture punctuation mistakes either, yet they stick out like a sore thumb to editors. They’re also easy to look out for. Make sure you used the right punctuation everywhere, and that the punctuation sets an accurate tone for the essay. You’ll also want to make sure you don’t overuse or underuse certain punctuation like commas.


Read your essay with fresh eyes, or have others read your essay. You’ll want to answer two questions in particular: “How interesting is your essay?” and, “Does it captivate others?”. If your essay seems uninteresting to you or your loved ones, then it won’t be interesting to college admissions.

By the time you bring a college essay to a professional, you should have edited your essay at least once or twice by yourself. Looking for simple corrections can take your college essay further than you might think. Furthermore, looking for these kinds of edits will make you a better writer in general. This will help you not only while at university, but once you’re out in the workforce.

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