Community Service For Students Interested In STEM

Julia de Raadt
Julia de Raadt

Julia has dedicated much of her career to education. Since commencing with Empowerly, Julia has looked after the research team which handles student questions on different topics about college admission.

Are you looking for community service opportunities that relate to STEM? If you’re headed on the STEM track, you should look for volunteer opportunities that allow you to practice and provide your expertise in science, technology, engineering or math. Here are some ideas:

1. Consider the old.

Is there a retirement or senior living community near you? See if they are looking for any volunteer tutors to help out at their technology learning sessions. For example, you could provide tutorials on the use of different mobile devices and more. This provides community service for STEM minded students to help out!

2. Consider the new.

Elementary schools have become increasingly technology-reliant, but sometimes, the teachers can’t keep up! Can you provide a professional development workshop for teachers on technology and computer-based programs? Better yet, become an after-school tutor for science, math, or coding.

3. Are you a data whiz?

If you’re an expert with excel or other database software, you may want to reach out to a local non-profit. When you do, see if they have any data or administrative needs. There’s no doubt a smaller organization would appreciate a few hours a week of pro-bono work!

4. Prefer to be outdoors?

Look for environmental organizations that may need help with specific projects. These projects may be water-quality testing, minimizing waste at a local park, or monitoring animal species.

It’s important to remember that although all community service efforts add points to your resume and light to the world, you should serve in a field that you are passionate about. Therefore, the key to finding community service opportunities relevant to your interests and career goals is to think outside the box. Remember that volunteer positions are not always advertised. Instead, you may need to just show up and ask if they could use your help. You take the initiative!

Additionally, the Empowerly Toolkit has a great database of volunteer opportunities for you to browse. If any of these opportunities sounded appealing to you, book a consult to learn how you can access the Toolkit and become a successful Empowerly student!

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