Empowerly's team supports students through each step of the college admissions process. Our rich community includes college admissions counselors, advisors, researchers, and editors. Whether it's finding your passion, applying to internships, or getting accepted to your best-fit college, one of us will be there for you at every stage.

Our Service Options

Best-Match College Counseling

Get matched with a qualified college admissions counselor based on your educational interests and work style. Your counselor will guide you through academic planning, extracurricular development, college application counseling, personal essay drafting, understanding your Empowerly Score, and any other parts of the college process you can imagine.

Essay Editing

Get your college application essays reviewed whenever you need it with our college application counseling. We’ll make sure that every word you write is outstanding and college ready. You’ll receive your edits and suggestions within 24 hours, so you’re never left hanging. Make sure you tell your story right!

Expert Advice

Have a burning question about college admissions? Want to know more about summer programs in your area? Save yourself some time. Empowerly’s team of expert researchers, advisors and college application counselors, are on hand to dig deep into the detailed data. We will provide useful answers to any admissions questions you may have!

Admissions Committee Review

Don’t send in your application blind! With Empowerly, you can submit your completed college application for review from a former college admissions counselor at the school you’re applying to (or similar school). Get feedback with enough time to put on finishing touches and send in all your applications with confidence.

Startup Internship Matching Program

Gain hands-on experience to show colleges that you're ready to hit the ground running! As a premium student, we can match you to a startup looking for qualified summer interns. Get valuable practice in business development and startup culture. Some technical roles available to qualified applicants.

College Financial Planning Assistance

Empowerly families are eligible for an exclusive discount on college funding help from Smart Track™. With the help of Smart Track, you can make sure your family won't overpay for tuition—or miss out on financial aid.

Getting Started

Step 1

Schedule a free consultation with our Enrollment Team.

Step 2

During the consultation, we’ll learn more about where you are in your academic journey, understanding your Empowerly Score and what help you need along the way.

Step 3

You’ll fill out a matching form, so we can assess which of our college admissions counselors is the best fit for you.

Step 4

We’ll suggest a package that’s right for you, and your student can take steps towards college admissions success!


Our Advisors

We have a detailed protocol to ensure that your counselor will be the best fit for you. First, you fill out a matching form that outlines any preferences or specific interests you would like to emphasize. We then compare your profile to the qualifications of our various counselors. During this process, we prioritize matching students with counselors who specialize in your academic interests, but we can also consider supplementary qualities like specific school expertise or geographical location.

While students are matched with only one counselor, Empowerly provides a number of resources to ensure our students’ specific needs are addressed. For example, students have access to our research team, editing team, and additional advisors that have specialized experience in things like science fairs, career advising, and internship/job applications. Our advisors and team frequently coordinate to ensure we find the right plan for your needs.

We take pride in matching you with the right counselor for your needs, so switches are rarely necessary. However, we are happy to accommodate any request for a counselor change. Please email with your concerns as well as your preferences for a new counselor. A case manager will help your transition to a new counselor.

Availability varies, but we have counselors in a number of different time zones and most are available for evening and weekend meetings. If you have strict schedule requirements, please let our enrollment team know and we will find someone who can accommodate your needs.

Our Services and Packages

One of the unique advantages to Empowerly is our team of resources. You can access the portal 24/7 for exclusive online courses, webinars, research requests, and the executive team. Additionally, you can email your counselor with your concerns, and we will respond within 24 hours.

Our plans also include meetings between parents and the counselor. We recommend once a month, but you can customize your package to increase or decrease frequency as needed. You also have 24/7 access to a parent portal where you can track your child’s progress.

All our meetings take place online via video chat. This allows for better scheduling flexibility and better matches between advisors and applicants since they will not be constrained by physical location. Integrating virtual sessions with our online system system means that your counselor is more accessible and eliminates the travel time for students—so you can focus on what matters most.