Business Opportunities for High Schoolers

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Madeleine Karydes
Madeleine Karydes

Madeleine attended UC Berkeley and double-majored in English and Media Studies. She is now an integral part of the Empowerly team.

Want to learn about business in a “hands-on” way? The pandemic won’t stop you. Take advantage of business opportunities for high schoolers! We’ll walk you through the full profile of three of the top-recommended options. Get a sense of whether you should consider signing up for these valuable chances, to get a leg-up!

Three Profiles to Consider

Wharton Global Youth Program

This program accepts applications from high school students in grades 9-11th (freshmen to juniors). Program topic options include: 

  • Essentials of Finance
  • Wharton Business Leadership Academy
  • Data Science Academy
  • Moneyball Academy
  • Sports Business Academy
  • Future of the Business World
  • Moneyball Academy: Training Camp

Not only that, those of you considering business school likely already know the prestigious reputation of the Wharton School at UPenn!

National Student Leadership Program

This national program has varying dates throughout campuses in the United States. If you’re interested, check their site to find out the nearest location to you! However, note that several campuses have changed their rules for COVID safety.

Consider applying to learn more through: 

  • Management Team Simulation 
  • Entrepreneurship Simulation
  • Business Lecture Series

A national-level extracurricular like this one raises your college application to the next tier of competitiveness.

Berkeley Business Academy for Youth

This academy offers middle school students and high school students to learn among the best and brightest. The program, also known as B-BAY, captions itself: 

“Introducing youth from around the world to the disciplines and skills that make business work.”

Though you’ll be virtual, this opportunity is nothing to sneeze at. Since you’ll be safe at home, we recommend seriously considering how you might be able to make an online class option! The credibility of an institution like Berkeley adds something extra to your profile.

Our Thoughts

On the whole, each of these business opportunities for high school students allows a student to engage and participate from home. Trying out different options and pathways in high school is a wonderful way to set yourself up for success when you do go “off to school!” 

Final note to say, we can definitely help your student with that process, from start to finish. Empowerly loves helping students discover their talents, preferences, and strengths in order to prepare them for university life. Whether that takes the form of researching and enrolling in business opportunities for high schoolers, or some other way to boost your college profile, we know where to look! Our counselors can lend a helping hand. Reach out if this sounds like you. 

Questions? Let us know!