Book Club: Reading for College Readiness

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Reading for college readiness? You bet! It’s one of the best ways to dedicate some free time. If you missed our first post in January, we talked about the positive impact a love for reading can have on students’ college readiness. Remember, preparing for college requires more than having a busy extracurricular schedule and obtaining a high GPA. These fun suggestions for reading for college readiness will help build your character and internal mindset before you know it!

Still not convinced?

Voluntary reading enables students to expand their horizons and gain new perspectives. Not to mention, a thrilling book is a great way to destress after a busy day! In fact, reading for fun can lead to new vocabulary, fresh ideas, and improved conceptual understanding. Reading fiction gives students different perceptions on how you relate to yourself, your peers and the world around you.

With that said, here are Empowerly’s most recent batch of book recommendations of reading for college readiness:

The Price Guide to the Occult

by Leslye Walton 

 This novel combines genres of fantasy, magical realism, and the paranormal. After a century-old curse, Rona Blackburn is trying to live a regular teenage life despite her supernatural powers, non-existent love life, and her mother getting in the way of any hope for happiness. This book includes indulging themes of self-acceptance and first love through a truly fantastical, yet haunting lens.


by Walter Dean Myers

Interested in realistic mystery and crime? Guilty or innocent, 16 year-old Steve is put on trial after the owner of the drug store was shot and killed in his store. He is tossed into the system, influenced by cynical authority figures, and pushed around by prison inmates who will throw anyone under the bus in order to shorten their own sentences. Steve copes with his experiences facing time in prison by transcribing them into a film script, scene by scene.

The Program

by Suzanne Young

This novel explores themes of depression and romance through a science-fiction, dystopian lens. Main character Sloan lives in a world where true feelings are forbidden and teen suicide is seemingly inevitable. She and James form a bond among their constantly monitored society in order to stay out of “The Program,” the horrific solution to depression and teen suicide. 

Final Thoughts

Finally, are you looking for more tips and tricks to improve your skillset and become a better college candidate? Be sure to book a consult with our team to learn more about the Empowerly approach.

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