The Empowerly Score

The Empowerly Score was developed in conjunction with former admissions officers and has been tested with students and benchmarked against years of admitted student data.

Measure & Monitor

A three-pronged evaluation of academics, extracurriculars, and written essays.

Analyze Impact

Determine the impact of every key factor included in a college application to assess the applicant’s competitiveness for top U.S. colleges.


Study the impact of subjective material such as essays and extracurricular activities. The student receives a holistic view of how to best to set themselves apart from other applicants.

Student Score Computation

The student inputs their extracurriculars (sports, community service, etc.), achievements (awards, leadership, etc.), academics, essays, and more. Each of these inputs is weighted by the tool on value and importance to generate a single score that provides the student’s specific strengths and areas for improvement.

College Scores

Each of the top 75 U.S. universities (with more colleges being added) has a goal score associated with its admissions difficulty level, and the student compares his/her Empowerly Score to the goal score to determine application competitiveness.

To date users have been enthusiastic about the Empowerly Score and how it can level the playing field in college admissions by providing valuable analysis of how students measure up against their top college choices.