Case Studies

Case Study #1
Justin R., Caltech

Justin came to Empowerly with an interest in science, but no activities to show for it. We helped him explore his interest in science with extracurricular activities and secured a research internship at UCLA with a professor. We also worked on his weakness in English, planned SAT and SAT II tests, and guided him through all parts of his college applications. He was accepted to several Ivy League schools and is attending Caltech, where he will major in the subject we helped him realize his passion for back in 10th grade.

Case Study #2
Ryan T., UCLA

Ryan came to us with an interest in business and a 1220 on the SAT. He was a rising senior and was unsure where he should be applying. We helped him craft a school list, build a story, and edit his college admissions essays. We helped Ryan identify his passion for international business, which he is currently studying at UCLA.

Case Study #3
Lory M., Columbia University

Lory came to Empowerly with an interest in entrepreneurship, computer science, and the environment. She was a sophomore at a local high school but had recently moved from another country and her parents were looking for guidance. She was motivated and her parents sought our support early on. We helped her discover her passion and ultimately gain acceptance to her dream schools.


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