Your Comprehensive College Visit Checklist

Farah Weheba
Farah Weheba

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University tours try to razzle-dazzle you with alumni facts, trivia, fun facts about parts of the campus that have appeared in movies, etc. Prepare a list so you can stay present and get swept up in the excitement, but gather the info you set out to collect along the way. If you’re confused, though, we have a college visit checklist to get you started!

Some reasons you may want to attend a university …

  • The campus culture (student activism, inclusiveness, religious belief alignment, well-supported community centers, etc.) 
  • Classes or unique interdisciplinary majors
  • Specific professors or research labs aligned with your intellectual curiosity.
  • Family legacy, athletic rivalries, industry partnerships.
Your College Visit Checklist (to Clip to your Clipboard)

Keeping a list of questions that are important to you ahead of time and a checklist can help you enjoy the hype while still staying focused on gathering useful information. 

When you take campus tours, bring a pen and a fanny pack. And this handy dandy college visit checklist, of course.

I will be visiting …………. total schools.

Specifically, I will visit schools: ………. in-state and ………. out-of-state.

  • Public school
  • Private school
  • Large university (5000+ students)
  • Mid-size school (1000 – 4000 students)
  • Small college (1 – 900 students)
  • School known for specializing in my niche academic interest

Schedule Meetings

For _______________________ University, I have scheduled:

  • An official campus tour
  • An information session  
  • I’m auditing a lecture


  • Tour the athletic center
  • Meet with a student or alumni
  • Attend professor office hours
  • Financial Aid Office if you have tuition or aid questions 
  • Office of Accessible Education – if you want to learn about accommodations and advocacy for any medical or environmental accommodations you may need to perform your best on campus. 

SCHOOL NAME____________________ 

Pro tip: consider printing extras for each school you’re visiting! ​

Admissions Office Address:


Comfy but professional shoes
Bottled water
Protein packed snack
Professional Attire  
This checklist, Journal, or Tablet
Pen or Pencil
During Your Visit
  • Planned Question:
  • Favorite Part:
  • That was awkward:
  • Main Impressions:
Information Session

How many students attend this school?

Further, do most students…

  • live on campus?
  • live near campus?
  • commute from home?
  • Are there any tiered pricing options for dorm housing?
  • Additionally, are there any unorthodox features of the application process unique to just this school (Mandatory creative portfolio, extra SAT II subject test requirement, extra essays, etc)?

If Yes: …………………………………………………………………………………………………..

Does this school have any special programs that interest me, like a selective literary themed dorm or a green living space? ❏ No ❏ Yes

  • How does this school differ from other colleges/universities?
  • What is this school especially proud of? If so, does that aspect matter to me?
  • New Fact:
  • Surprising Fact:
  • Main Impressions:
  1. Could I take a course of this level of difficulty?
  2. Do I enjoy this teaching style? Also, was the professor engaging? Additionally, did I learn something new?
  3. Does the lecture hall have a good setup for media and multi-modal teaching tools?
  4. Would I enjoy attending classes here?
Exploring the Environment
  1. Are there community centers here that celebrate my heritage and act as spaces to gather and learn?
  2. Can I find student spaces here where I can engage other heritages, traditions, ethnicities? 
  3. Are there study spaces that support my studying style? 
  • Sometimes, I need some ambient noise, which I can find on campus at ______________________. 
  • On the other hand, sometimes I need complete and utter silence, which I can find on campus at ____________________. 
  • What are the library/ student union hours? ______________________________
  • Perhaps, I’m a night owl. Therefore, I could see myself studying at _______________ at 2am. 
  • Or, maybe I’m a morning person. So, I could see myself studying at ______________ at 6am. 
  • Surprises:
  • Favorite Part:
  • Well, That’s Awkward:
  • Main Impressions:
After Your Visit

Thank-You Notes:

  • Interviewer
  • Professors
  • Alumni or students interviewed

Summarize Your Visit:

Ranking : ◯1 ◯2 ◯3 ◯4 ◯5

Overall, your summative impressions and notes: 

Athletic Center

(Are athletics central to your profile? Then be sure to visit athletic training and dining facilities)

  • Facilities up to date? For example, can you thrive and grow your athletic prowess with this equipment?
  • What access will I have to gyms as a student vs as a recruited student athlete?
  • Am I able to walk onto a team? Or, can I play intramural? Instead, maybe varsity?
  • When are practices for my sport typically held?
  • How far are athletic facilities from the rest of campus?
  • How do students integrate exercise into campus life as a lifestyle? For example, maybe you notice everyone bikes to class on the very large campus.
  • Surprising Fact:
  • Main Takeaway:
BONUS: Campus Dining

Do you have food allergies or dietary restrictions? Or more specifically, do you have specific macros you must consume to maintain a certain weight for athletic or health reasons? Then be sure to visit the campus dining locations and inquire about nutrition options. 

  • Do the dining options here meet my dietary needs?
  • Whole foods?
  • Variety?  
  • Protein options? 
  • Vegetarian options? 
  • Local or seasonal produce? 
  • Food Waste is handled ethically/ sustainably? 
  • Are there proper cross-contamination practices for gluten free and/or peanut allergy requirements?

Enjoy your college visits! They’d be lucky to have you! 

In the end, Empowerly is here to help. If you are able to visit college campuses in person, then this is a great college visit checklist to review. However, you can also write your own, or make changes to this. Don’t forget to book a consult if you want more help.

Questions? Let us know!