Worried About Missing a College Deadline? Here’s a List!

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You may have heard of early decision 1 and 2, early action 1 and 2, restricted early action, regular decision… there are so many options! With all these different dates coming up, how can you be sure to avoid missing a college deadline? 

First, it’s important to actually know the deadlines and mark your calendars ahead of time. Secondly, it’s important to learn the difference between these various deadlines. For instance, you usually cannot apply to more than one college for early decision anyway!

With summer at its halfway point, many colleges have released their application deadlines for the 2017-2018 school year.

Empowerly has complied a list of some top college’s applications deadlines for both regular and early application cycles (early action & early decision).

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 What’s the difference between early decision, early action, and regular decision?

Early Decision I:

Early decision plans require careful consideration because they are binding. When you choose this option, you are telling a school that they are your top choice. If accepted you will attend, if financial considerations make it possible. You can only make one school this choice.

Early Decision II:

When you apply ED II you are also bound to attend the college if accepted. The difference between ED I and ED II is the due date is much closer to (and sometimes the same as) regular decision.

Early Action I & Early Action II:

This is a way to apply early, and hear back early, without legally binding yourself to a school. You can apply to as many Early Action schools as you like.

Regular Decision:

Students submit an application by a specified date and receive a decision in a clearly stated period of time. Non-binding commitment.

Good luck on your college applications! 

College applications are stressful. Missing a college deadline just makes it worse. At Empowerly, we teach you how to stay on top of your work, and create an application that stands out. Call us up and learn more! 

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