When Are College Applications Due? College App Deadlines!

Madeleine Karydes
Madeleine Karydes

Madeleine attended UC Berkeley and double-majored in English and Media Studies. She is now an integral part of the Empowerly team.


It’s fall semester and all of a sudden, everyone around you is talking about college app deadlines… and you hear a lot of conflicting answers. It’s totally okay to be confused! Don’t let that confusion stop you from asking questions. 

Looking for some clear answers? You don’t have to slog through pages of Google search results to get a semi-unsure timeline. Check out our list, below.


Here’s a list of all the college app deadlines that you should definitely know about. There may be others that apply to your particular situation, so the best resource (that will remain up-to-date from year to year) will be the college’s individual websites. But here is a handy guide to give you a head-start on your planning!

College Apps deadlines

Early Decision and Early Action Between November 1st – 15th
Exception: University of California November 30th
Regular Decision Between January 1st – February 1st
Rolling Admissions Any time (between the cutoff windows listed on application)
Grad School Between October 1st – December 1st

Financial Aid deadlines


By June 30th of the year you enroll in school

CSS Between January 1st – March  31st
Individual Scholarships & Grants Any time depending on the contest rules

Housing deadlines

On-campus Check your school’s Student Services page
Off-campus Any time you are willing to start paying rent at a location
Greek Housing

For freshman, after Rush Week; for older, ask your “Big”!

Meal plan Check your school’s Student Services page

Other college apps deadlines to note

Athletics Recruitment As soon as freshman year of high school
Statement of Intent to Register May 1st
Waitlists This one is tricky. Know your waitlisting school’s rules, and check your email as often as possible

So now that you have this information in-hand, what are you going to do about it? I’d recommend making yourself a calendar that has all the deadlines that are relevant to your plan of action.


I know that I’m a procrastinator, so I wanted to combat that when senior year came around. When I was applying, I made myself a calendar with real due dates and fake due dates to keep myself on track. That meant that even if I missed the first “warning,” I would get a second chance: the real deadline. That strategy helped me get everything turned in on time.


Here are some other tips that might help you:

  • Set reminders on your phone for when you need to take care of smaller tasks.
  • Create calendar events on your Google or phone calendar for important due dates that are farther out in the future.
  • Work with an “accountability buddy,” a friend or family member who can check in with you–and vice versa–to confirm if you are meeting deadlines you set for yourself.
  • Follow a few important accounts on social media so you will know right away if deadlines change.
  • Sign up for a college newsletter to stay up-to-date on approaching due dates.
  • Keep in touch with Empowerly!

If you need some help setting yourself up, you can always book a consult to talk to one of our team. We can match you to a professional counselor to ensure nothing will slip through the cracks. 

Questions? Let us know!