Underclassmen Update: RSI and MIT Launch

Natalie Thompson
Natalie Thompson

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Many universities offer STEM focused camps to get more students interested in science majors. While it’s easy to find a local STEM program, you should know that there are two great camps that offer a unique experience. For instance, The Research Science Institute (RSI) and MIT Launch. Both are recommended and competitive to get into partly because they are connected to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Ready to dive into the details of RSI and MIT Launch?


RSI is a rigorous science theory and research camp that is free to the select students who get in. The five-week program at RSI takes high school students through the research cycle of reading the latest research on a select topic, writing a detailed research plan, then composing an oral and written report.

At the end of RSI, students present their reports in hopes of winning one of five commendations. RSI includes science curriculum and field trips to give students a jump start towards a college education at a selective school. There is a $65 application fee and you must apply by January 12, 2018. Additionally, RSI is a program that is well funded by donors. For help exploring these summer options, look into a college admissions counseling service, like Empowerly, that specializes in such things.

MIT Launch

MIT Launch is a unique program for high school students who want to explore launching their own invention. The four week program combines interactive class sessions, educational discussions, mock board meetings, and plenty of team work. At MIT Launch, you will learn not only valuable information about how to produce and launch a product but also effective communication and collaboration skills, business meeting skills, and presentation skills.

Participants at MIT Launch join groups to collaborate on a project. Team composition is based on shared skills, experience, and specific qualifications. Careful guidance helps to ensure success. We recommend early admission (December); but at the latest, you must apply to regular admission by February 20, 2018. There is a $60 application fee. Putting time into your application can boost your chances of acceptance into this highly selective program.

MIT Launch holds two summer sessions at 3 locations: Northwestern University, MIT, and The University of Texas at Austin. The tuition does not include food but it does include on campus housing and working with top professors and entrepreneurs. This opportunity would be perfect for someone who wants to combine science with a profitable career. Again, college admissions counseling services like Empowerly can help you prepare more thoroughly for this opportunity.

Final thoughts

STEM majors are growing and offer high paying jobs and exciting opportunities. Let Empowerly help you explore your college options.

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