Types of Scholarships for Everyone

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Cameron Devall
Cameron Devall

Cameron began his career as an English language teacher. After graduating from Heythrop College of Philosophy and Theology, University of London, he continued on to teach in Indonesia and Russia. Today, he fulfills his true passion by writing.

A scholarship is the best kind of financial aid a student can receive. The money can be awarded to a student for a number of reasons. But the most important thing to remember is that a scholarship is an award, not money that needs to be paid back like a loan. Are you curious about the types of scholarships out there? We’ll review the most common categories. There’s something for everyone.

Now, with what seems like free money, students should be fighting to get these scholarships. However, sometimes they go unnoticed. If you know what is available, then you can apply to the ones that better suit your achievements and increase the chances of getting any scholarship. According to information provided by Financial Aid Facts, there is a type of scholarship that seems to suit almost any student.

So let’s take a look!

The Types of Scholarships

Academic Scholarship

This type of scholarship is competitive. Organizations will reserve funding for the students that excel academically throughout their career as a student. They have received the highest grades and have an impressive list of extracurricular activities as well. These merit scholarships generally offer a large sum of money and carry a certain amount of bragging rights.

Average Academic Performance Scholarship

These scholarships are for the more well-rounded students that have worked hard throughout their education in school, in the community and in their activities. These students do not need to have the highest GPA, but rather have demonstrated a solid dedication to many areas of interest while also maintaining a good, but not perfect academic record.

Athletic Scholarship

These merit scholarships recognize and reward the most talented and dedicated athletes. This is naturally one of the most competitive scholarships.

Scholarships for Minorities

These scholarships provide support to underrepresented groups who want to pursue higher education. You may need to apply yourself, or you may be automatically considered. These can come from the government, specific universities or from corporations that are looking to recruit more diverse people working in their field.

Scholarships for Women

These scholarships support women in the college space. The idea behind awarding these first came to give women a boost into a successful college career and beyond. Since women and marginalized genders face hardships that men do not, the scholarships aim to help close that gap. Some corporations that want to have more women working in their field will offer these scholarships as well. 

Creative Scholarship

These scholarships reward those that have notable talents in creative fields, such as art and music. Organizations offering these scholarships most often hope to allow the student to further their talents in such field.

Unusual Scholarship

On the other hand, this kind of scholarship comes from an unexpected sponsor and is often awarded for a unique reason. It could be a scholarship created by a very specific group and awarded accordingly or could even be contest based. There are no limits to this type of scholarship.

Community Service Scholarship

Finally, if a student has been thoroughly involved in their community from events to development, then this kind of scholarship is awarded to reward their hard work.

We hope this article has helped you find new places to search for scholarships. You can be eligible for more scholarships than you might think, at first glance! Don’t forget to polish up your applications to the best of your ability before submitting to increase your chance of winning. If you need support doing this, book a consult and talk to a team member about how Empowerly helps students find and win many types of scholarships for college.

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