Tested: 10 Useful Apps for College Students

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Natalie Thompson
Natalie Thompson

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College students listen up! As you prepare for college, you might want to check out some of the great apps available to make your life easier. No, we’re not talking about Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Let’s move beyond the “doom-scrolling” big three to talk about what apps for college students will actually help you stay productive and safe. I’ve pulled together apps to improve note taking, studying, scheduling, personal safety, and getting around your college town. Most of these are great for high schoolers as well. What are my picks?

No matter what, I recommend testing the apps out when you get a chance. In other words, while you’re still at home! No one wants their phone battery to die in the middle of a critical note-taking session or on a late-night walk back to the dorm. Fidget around and see which of these tools serve your study habits and needs. Knowing your study style and learning style will help you find the best tools for you!

. And now, here are the apps I personally recommend to all college-bound students:

1. Studious

This app lets you organize your school schedule including class times, assignment information, and test dates. You can scan in notes or enter reminders of upcoming activities. Easy to use format helps you keep track of your student life.

2. Brainscape

Make flashcards or use pre-made flashcard sets for exams and most school subjects. This handy app remembers where your weaknesses are and retests you on the areas you need to study more. Easily collaborate with classmates. Tracks your progress as you study.

3. Quizlet

Another great flashcard app, Quizlet allows you to make your own study sets. As you enter the terms, you can select wording from other users or customize them. Lets you study using flashcards, fill in the answer, or matching type games.

4. EasyBib

Generates citations for your academic papers easily through either scanning a barcode, or searching for websites, books, or articles on the web. The app puts sources into MLA, APA, Harvard or other citation styles you select. Great time saver and very accurate. Whether you want to continue using this site on a computer, or download the mobile version, this has to be on our list of top apps for college students. Research papers, look out!

5. Xmind

Lets you save notes and ideas in mind map form. Select themes, use keyboard shortcuts, save across your devices. There is a subscription fee for 6 months but it is a unique format that many find very helpful for generating more ideas.

6. Duolingo

If you are taking a foreign language, this app lets you practice the language using short, fun games. Designed to work with 23 languages.

7. Circle of 6

One of the best apps for college students to stay safe. Enter in 5 of your closest friends to contact quickly in case of emergency, to find a friend to walk with, or simply to check in so everyone knows where you are. Secure and private to keep you safe.

8. Self control

This open source app lets you set a time period when you cannot have access to distracting games or social media on your mobile device. This is especially helpful if you need help staying on task.

9. LivingSocial

Find deals in your local area for dining, shopping, sporting events, spa treatments, and entertainment. The deals are preselected from local shops and businesses in your area. Warning: not a great app for shopaholics!

10. Transit

Lets you find your way around your city using public transportation. Gives you arrival and departure times near you, lets you plan a trip around town, and alerts you to upcoming things to watch out for such as prepare to get off the bus or walk to your destination from the subway stop. Covers quite a few U.S. cities.

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