How Effective Are Your Study Habits?

man wearing black and white stripe shirt looking at white printer papers on the wall

It’s the start of a new school year, and the perfect time to start building good habits that will serve you all year long. Ready to evaluate your study skills? Test yourself and see where you can improve!

man wearing black and white stripe shirt looking at white printer papers on the wall

Knowing more about yourself as a student will help you succeed. Check off each bullet below, and score yourself out of 20 with how many you can mark.

  • Taking stretch breaks when needed.
  • Eating healthy study snacks to keep energy up.
  • Setting manageable goals.
  • Breaking up big tasks into smaller chunks.
  • Choosing calming music that doesn’t distract you.
  • Working with friends that keep you focused (not friends that just want to chat!)
  • Writing instead of typing when you can.
  • Color-coding your notes.
  • Saving your progress as you go.
  • Acknowledging your growth and new skills acquired even if you don’t get the score you hoped.
  • Staying hydrated.
  • Stepping away from the computer screen once an hour.
  • Closing social media tabs and putting your phone away.
  • Avoid procrastinating by starting on the hard tasks first.
  • Keep an agenda planner so you know when deadlines are coming up.
  • Studying for important exams throughout the semester (instead of a few intense cram sessions).
  • Making time to talk to your teacher one-on-one if you have questions.
  • Reviewing questions you get incorrect to see where you went wrong.
  • Reading your writing out loud before you submit to catch proofreading errors.
  • Keep a positive attitude about what you can gain from this opportunity to receive an education in the first place!

Now, multiply your total points by 5. That will give you a score out of 100–corresponding to your percentage of success. How do you feel?

If you think that based on this score, you need some more support or advice on how to improve these habits in ways that will stick with you, be sure to chat with our enrollment team today. Working with an independent counselor who can tailor your conversations to your needs and questions is an excellent way to reach your goals!

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