6 Things to Add to a College Bucket List

Empowerly Team
Empowerly Team

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Have you reached the goals you set for yourself during college? Perhaps you set out to join a club or two, or maybe you simply wanted to do well in your exams. Well now that college is coming to an end, there’s no reason for your goals and aspirations to disappear too. Think about how you can introduce some exciting new objectives into your life – and create a post-college ‘Bucket List’ to ensure you get everything ticked off your list.

Here are just a few things you could aim toward now that you’ve hung up your cap and gown…

Travel Solo

Getting away on your own is good for the soul – even if it’s to somewhere relatively close. If you’re feeling adventurous, though, head for Europe and try backpacking for a week or two.

Perhaps you’re not quite ready for solo traveling just yet. If so, no problem; try a group traveling experience in which travelers like you meet up with like-minded people and experience the trip together. It may be the best thing you ever did.

Discover a New Language

Always fancied brushing up on French? Or maybe you’d like to learn Spanish from scratch? This is an excellent one to add to your post-college bucket list, as it’ll expand your mind and it’ll come in handy if you do decide to go traveling.

Don’t have the spare money to attend a class? Try an online program, which will generally work out a little cheaper, while also giving you the freedom to learn in your own time.

Find a Mentor

Okay, so this isn’t necessarily something that would pop into most people’s heads when thinking up items to add to a bucket list, but it really can improve your life. A great mentor will help you get on the ladder to a brand new career, lifting you up when you need it and giving you the right advice, too. Is there anyone at college – a tutor or classmate – who’d make a good mentor? Or perhaps your college tutor could put you in touch with someone already working in the field you’d like to enter? Ask around and you could start feeling really inspired by the end of the month.

Learn a New Skill

So, education is over – for now at least. And once you’ve hung your diploma proudly on your wall, you might want to turn your attention to what you can do now you’ve got a little more time on your hands.

All that studying at college can take it out of you, but don’t just fill any free time you now have by binge-watching shows on Netflix. Instead, take up a new hobby; something you’ve always wanted to try.

Learn how to knit, or try embroidery – no matter what it is, go for it. You never know; you might be able to turn your newfound passion into a career.

Ever tried your hand at crafting? It might surprise you!

Do Something That Frightens You

Okay, so we’re not asking you to put your hand in a jar of spiders, or jump off a cliff. What we mean by this is pick something that’ll add value to your resume and try it– once and for all! Are you afraid of public speaking, for instance? Sign up for a course in it, or offer to give a talk at your old school, or at a community centre or youth club.

Nail That Post-College Job Interview

You’ve set your sights on a great new role – now wouldn’t it be fantastic if you got the job? Make it your mission to make that job yours; do all the research you need and get yourself set up for a rewarding career ahead. With the right role and more money in the bank, you’ll easily be able to cover the cost of the other suggestions on this bucket list!

Maybe your college bucket list is as simple and straight-forward as finding a respectable place to hang your diploma. Check out Church Hill Classics to browse a few different kinds, and search the internet for some wall-safe hanging options! You earned it. Display it proudly.

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