College Admissions – Regular Decision Deadlines 2018-19

We all know what it feels like to leave things to the last minute right before an important deadline. Most regular decision deadlines for college admissions fall in January and we want to share them with you so you get you college applications in on time. The table below includes application deadlines for the most popular colleges.

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University RD deadline
American University January 15
Amherst College January 1
Babson College January 2
Bard College January 1
Barnard College January 1
Bates College January 1
Bentley College January 7
Boston College January 1
Boston University January 2
Bowdoin College January 1
Brandeis University January 1
Brown University January 1
Bryn Mawr College January 15
Bucknell University January 15
California Institute of Technology January 3
Carleton College January 15
Carnegie Mellon University January 1
Case Western Reserve University January 15
Chapman University January 15
Chicago, University of January 2
Claremont McKenna College January 5
Colby College January 1
Colgate University January 15
Columbia University January 1
Cornell University January 2
Dartmouth University January 1
Dickinson College January 15
Drexel University January 15
Duke University January 2
Emory University January 1
Fordham University January 1
George Washington University January 5
Georgetown University January 10
Georgia Institute of Technology January 1
Georgia, University of January 1
Harvard College January 1
Harvey Mudd College January 5
Haverford College January 15
Johns Hopkins University January 3
Lehigh University January 1
Lewis and Clark College January 15
Loyola Marymount University January 15
Loyola University (Maryland) January 15
Massachusetts Institute of Technology January 1
Miami, University of January 1
Middlebury College January 1
Minnesota, University of (Twin Cities) January 1
New York University January 1
North Carolina, University of (Chapel Hill) January 15
Northeastern University January 1
Northwestern University January 1
Notre Dame, University of January 1
Oberlin College January 15
Occidental College January 15
Oregon, University of January 15
Pennsylvania, University of January 5
Pepperdine University January 5
Pitzer College January 1
Pomona College January 1
Princeton University January 1
Purdue January 1
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute January 15
Rice University January 1
Rochester, University of January 5
Santa Clara University January 7
Scripps College January 1
Smith College January 15
Southern California, University of January 15
Stanford University January 2
Stevens Institute Technology January 15
Swarthmore College January 1
The Cooper Union January 8
Tufts University January 1
Union College January 15
University of Colorado Boulder January 15
Vanderbilt University January 1
Vassar College January 1
Virginia, University of January 1
Wake Forest University January 1
Washington and Lee University January 1
Washington University in St Louis January 2
Wellesley College January 15
Wesleyan University January 1
William and Mary, College of January 1
Williams College January 1
Yale University January 2

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