Ivy League Alumni Interviews

As an applicant, if you had applied to schools in the Ivy League, February is usually when these schools will have their alumni reach out to you for an interview. These Ivy League Alumni Interviews may seem of marginal value to an applicant, but they’re actually extremely useful. 

Not only do some of the Ivy League schools place significant weight on them, but they also are a great way for the applicant to get information about the school that can’t just be found on the school’s website. 

A common misconception about Ivy League Alumni Interviews is that they don’t carry any weight and are just a way for the colleges to make sure there isn’t anything terribly wrong with the applicant. In reality, all the Ivy League schools actually take their respective Ivy League Alumni Interviews into heavy consideration. Even though the exact weight they put on the interviews will vary from school to school, interviews are all factored into the final admission consideration.

Just looking at the Common Data Sets (see example PDF’s below) released by all 8 Ivy Leagues, every school ranging from Dartmouth to Harvard has interviews put down in the “considered” section for college factors. Some schools such at the the University of Pennsylvania place a even bigger impact on interviews, citing their respective Ivy League Alumni Interviews in the “important” factors category.

Given their importance, any applicant should go into their Ivy League Alumni Interviews not only prepared to answer questions on why they want to go to the school, but also with questions of their own to ask the alumni. A college admissions counseling service can help you prepare for this sort of interview process. It’s often in the best interest of the applicant to research their interviewer (usually via LinkedIn or other social media outlets) and the program he or she was in during his or her time at the school. Doing this beforehand will show an alumni that the applicant has done his due diligence and really wants to go to the school. At the end of each Ivy League Alumni Interview, the applicant will be able to ask his or her own questions. This part is really important, as applicants can use this part to get valuable information about the school. From the alumni’s undergraduate life to parts of the school an alumni wished would’ve been better, any applicant can learn something new about the school that isn’t found easily on the web.

Simply put, Ivy League Alumni Interviews are important and should be taken advantage of if given the opportunity. The Ivy Leagues themselves put significant weight on them and they are another way to learn about the schools that the applicant has applied to. Given their prestige, any applicant who wishes to go to an Ivy League needs to put their best foot forward on all fronts to stand out. These interviews are the perfect opportunity to do so. Empowerly, a college admissions counseling service, can help.

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