How to Study for the SAT’s


Getting into college isn’t easy, and if you aren’t great at talking tests, you may be nervous about taking your SAT’s. Confidence can make a huge difference in your SAT scores, and the only way to feel confident taking exams is by knowing what to expect and to be certain in your abilities. Studying the right information and practicing taking the SAT’s will help you to do well on the real thing.

Practice, test, repeat

If you want to do well on your SAT’s and you don’t do well on tests, studying and taking SAT practice tests can help alleviate any anxiety that you may be having. The Khan Academy has an online free practice SAT test that has easy to use videos and tutorials. You will find eight full-length SAT practice tests on the site that came directly from College Board. 

Once you complete a practice test, you will get feedback immediately and their step-by-step videos will help you with problems that you missed. After you study the areas where you need improvement, you can take the practice test again to see how you did. The more you repeat this process, the better you will do on your SAT’s. They also have SAT practice tests strictly for math, reading or writing. Once you get into your chosen college, you may find that the Khan Academy is a handy resource to have.

Spend the most time studying areas you struggle with the most

Many of us excel in some areas and struggle in others. If you are a wiz at math, but you struggle with writing, spend the most time studying the SAT writing practice test until you feel more confident in your writing abilities. If you read quickly but you have trouble in math, spend some time studying small sections at a time. Take your time studying and practicing the video exercises with step-by step instructions for solving equations. Wait until you feel confident before you move on to other subjects. You will want to make sure that you have good scores in each section in order to increase the chances of getting into your dream school. 

Make a study schedule

Place yourself on a schedule and practice every day leading up to your SAT test. Cramming is never a good idea if you have anxiety taking exams. You will retain information much better with daily exposure and practice exams. Start with short lessons targeting your problem areas. If you have trouble studying alone, forming a SAT study group can be both fun and productive.  

If you are nervous about taking your SAT’s, take the SAT practice test repeatedly until you receive your desired score, study your weak areas, and put yourself on a schedule.

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