How To Prepare For the GMAT Exam

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Amanda Orbuch
Amanda Orbuch

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For our older Empowerly students who might be taking the GMAT soon, here is an infographic with some tips to help. However you choose to study, make sure you set time aside it. The time you invest to prepare for the GMAT exam will pay off in the end.

Here, we have a helpful graphic to display some top tips for students who will take the GMAT exam. You can also check out the flyer on their website. With that being said, here are the tips on how to prepare for the GMAT exam:

  • Don’t underestimate the value of communication skills.
  • Practice solving data sufficiency questions.
  • Brush up on economics and statistics.
  • Prepare for the computer-adaptive testing.
  • Take advantage online study resources.
  • Think conceptually.
  • Consider taking practice exams during your enrollment as an undergraduate.
  • Practice with warm-up questions 30 minutes before the exam.
  • Pace yourself during the exam.

Additionally, did you know that there are around 6,500 graduate business programs around the world require or accept the GMAT as part of their enrollment process? Or that around 50 people per year achieve a perfect score of 800? With proper practice and structure, you can improve your chances.

For reference, the average scores are in the neighborhood of 540-550 for those of you who prep with practice exams.


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