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Andy Wang
Andy Wang

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As the school year more or less starts to reach its halfway point, students should begin looking at summer programs. Most summer program applications for various fields open at the start of the calendar year; therefore, it’s ideal for any student who’s interested to start being aware of them, now. 

With the long length of summer vacation

There is a plethora of opportunities for students to at once boost get valuable professional experience and boost their college profile. Keeping that in mind, any student reading this blog should start researching summer program applications. See how you can enrich your own knowledge base over the summer.

One of the most common forms of summer programs available to high school students? They are research based projects sponsored by various colleges. From programs such as COSMOS to the San Diego Supercomputer Center, there are plenty of summer program applications coming up. These research positions are the perfect hands-on experience that will help a career path; especially for students who are looking to go into the field of STEM.

As aforementioned, applications for such programs often require an extensive process. For example, the COSMOS program, centered on mathematics and hard sciences, has its applications only open during January. In addition, for both the Cosmos and the Supercomputer Center, you must write one or two long essays as part of its supplement. That, paired with a student’s regular course load requires a lot of time management and discipline; not to mention the holiday season. Read more about COSMOS and other summer programs here!

To find out which summer programs applications are currently available:

Students often don’t have to look farther than their own school’s career center. Often times, schools will have a list have programs that applicants can apply to. In addition, many search engines ( actually have a section for summer internships dedicated solely to high school students. With so many new postings per day on certain websites, there are plenty of opportunities available for a proactive student. The key thing to keep in mind with these applications is very similar to what students should try and do with college apps, start early. If you need help crafting your application, some college admissions counseling services will also offer this sort of help.

For non-seniors, summer program applications will be a process they’ll find very similar to actual college applications when they do enter their last year of high school. These summer programs not only provide a great enrichment experience for students, but it’ll give them an idea of what they potentially want to study in college. Although it doesn’t sound too enticing to spend one’s summer doing research or working, it’s a valuable asset to have before college and is a great way to utilize any student’s summer.

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