Model United Nations

During high school, students are often given a wide variety of clubs to participate in. From varsity sports to student body, there is a plethora of options that high school students can indulge themselves to try and stand out to college admissions.

One recent extracurricular club that has been started on high school campuses nationwide has been Model United Nations, or MUN for short. The club essentially trains students on all the rules and procedures of the actual United Nations and then students will go to tournaments hosted typically by Universities where they will simulate how a UN meeting will go and have “delegates” draft up resolutions. Out of all the extracurricular activities, MUN is one of a select few that actually simulates real world politics and is something that could even aid students on the collegiate level.

There are certain skills that MUN develops that makes it unique from other extracurricular activities. One of these skills is the ability to negotiate and compromise. While some other clubs such as Speech and Debate will teach public speaking, only MUN really teaches students the art of negotiation. From amending various resolutions to coming up with new global policies, MUN is a great way to see how various countries try and push for their country in the global playing field. Another skill that is developed in MUN is advanced research skills and analysis. Again, while some other extracurricular activities do require participants to research before the main event, the amount conducted in order to be a successful MUN delegate is a huge time commitment. Depending on which committee a delegate is placed in and which country they are assigned, they may have to dig very deep to try and find information when it comes to subjects such as World Health and World Economics/ Finance. This type of skill will be very useful as even in an age of widespread information, information mining can be hard and anybody, student or non-student, should try and hone their skills.

Just like any other competition, MUN gives out awards to delegate who perform exceptionally well and represent the view of their country in committee. These awards not only give prestige to student when it comes to bigger MUN competitions such as the main one held in Washington D.C, but it also looks great on any college application. In committees that could reach sizes several hundred big, awards such as the Distinguished Delegate or Best Delegate award are huge differentiators in the eyes of admission officers. One of the greatest assets of MUN is that it is one of the few extracurricular activities that also has a collegiate level. In addition, MUN has the ability to net career connections in the actual UN for high performing delegates and is a great way to get a head start on a potential career. On a basic level, MUN is one of a select group of extracurricular activities that gives immense real-world experience and is a great boost for any college applicant.

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