Empowerly’s Guide to Student Wellness

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Madeleine Karydes
Madeleine Karydes

Madeleine attended UC Berkeley and double-majored in English and Media Studies. She is now an integral part of the Empowerly team.

It’s mid-semester already, which means crunch time for early apps deadlines. Not to mention, many students are attending school in-person, and the regular flu season approaches. Have you taken a few minutes to assess how you’re taking care of yourself? Student wellness isn’t just a trend; it’s a necessary shift to help young people achieve their goals and perform their best. At Empowerly, that is always the goal! To that end, we created an official Empowerly’s Guide to Student Wellness. So if you aren’t sure how to get started, we can help.

Why do I need to think about wellness, when I have so much to do already?

It’s tempting to feel like you have to be busy all the time in order to keep up. High school students tend to glorify the under-slept, overworked, high-achieving condition that leads to disorganization and burnout. When all your friends and peers feel and talk this way, it’s all too easy to let it creep into your habits, too.

Not to mention, it’s often a fault of procrastination! Yes, that plain old problem is back. If you wait too long, suddenly you have a giant pile of work; and probably, Empowerly counselor Jennifer adds, “thousands of words to write for your college essays.” Even if you do get it done on time, it won’t be your best product. And you tack on a whole lot of stress in the process. If you’re stressed already, you don’t need that extra pressure.

In other words, good self-care and wellness will make you a better student and therefore, a stronger college applicant!

Here is Empowerly’s Guide to Student Wellness:

Go ahead, download it! This is the full version of Empowerly’s Guide to Student Wellness. This guide provides pointers, advice, and reassurance from start to finish.

We’re proud to provide this knowledge free of charge to any student who needs help. Read through it, share it with friends, post it on social media, and reference it any time. We hope it helps!

This is a preview of what you’ll find inside…

Ready to tackle the procrastination monster for good? Time management and procrastination are some of the biggest obstacles even very intelligent people struggle with. If you’re ready to stop self-sabotaging your schedule, try this:

  • If you have a test coming up, study one chapter of your textbook every day of the week! This way you won’t be cramming all the information in your head the night before, losing sleep, and stressing yourself out for no reason.
  • If you are assigned a major project, break the project down into small tasks so you are not overwhelmed. Tackle one task at a time. This will allow you to feel a small sense of accomplishment every time you finish a task and make the project seem more doable.
  • Another tip to prevent procrastination is to provide a reward or punishment for whatever you do. If you finish your homework on time, you can go watch that new movie with your friends! If you procrastinate and don’t do it, don’t allow yourself to go out.

So you see? Procrastinating can be a rite of passage, in a way. But, it is very different from a “mental break.” As we just learned in the previous section, a mental break happens after the work is done, or quickly recharges you to get back to it.

On the other hand, procrastinating keeps you in denial of it.

While student wellness has always mattered, these last few years demonstrated how difficult it can be to maintain when other stressors take over. We’re here to help you get back on track with Empowerly’s Guide to Student Wellness. Stay tuned for other tips and suggestions on how to keep performing your best. And remember, you can always reach out to the Empowerly community for more support.

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