Don’t Sleep Away Your Summer for College Admissions

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Madeleine Karydes
Madeleine Karydes

Madeleine attended UC Berkeley and double-majored in English and Media Studies. She is now an integral part of the Empowerly team.

Ah, summertime: sunny days, plenty of rest, cool drinks in the shade… paradise! But while the most of your classmates are snoozing the days away, some are still highly engaged and busy. Hey, are they completely off base? Well, not exactly. If you think about your summer for college admissions as a chance to stand out from the pack, then it’s actually a genius idea to be strategic with your time. Ever wondered how you could go about maximizing your summers to enhance your college application? Hear what Empowerly, a top online college admissions counseling service, has to say!

Summer, for college admissions?

It’s true. Summer is a unique opportunity in high school to immerse yourself in ways that are not possible during the standard school semester. You have more flexibility, the opportunity to travel, and fewer obligations! Sure, you can sleep in until noon and binge-watch cartoons if that’s what you feel like doing. But if you’re still itching for more of a challenge and looking for chances to take your education outside the classroom walls, don’t sleep through all of it.

Wait – don’t I get a break?

Now, before we start hitting the drawing board, let’s be clear: at Empowerly, we do fully support taking some time to decompress after finals. Take a few days to catch up on sleep and spend time with your family. Once you feel recharged, then you can dive back in!

Why you should start planning now:

More than anything, we also recommend thinking ahead to how you can maximize this time. Actually, the spring semester is the perfect runway to start sketching out a plan for how you will spend the warmer months away from school. Don’t put it off and miss important deadlines! College admissions approach faster than you might think, and when the pressures of the high school schedule are in full swing, it can be difficult to remember the big picture.

So now, let’s discuss some of the best ways to maximize your summer for college admissions.

So what’s next?

Ready to get started on your summer plans? Empowerly is here to help! We have a host of resources and data-bases to help you expand your horizons and make the most of your summer. Whether you’re looking for an academic experience, volunteer opportunities, or even an internship, Empowerly can help.

Reach out to book a consult and learn more about the Empowerly approach today. We want to help you reach your best-fit college and get a jumpstart on the future of your dreams.

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