Creating and Formatting a Resume for College

Professional resumes are the bread and butter of applications. Whether it be for colleges or for a job, a professional resume is a quick one page snapshot of one’s professional and academic performance.

There are countless ways to create and format a professional resume, with each one having its own nuances. Despite all the variations one can use, there are several key components that are imperative to have on a professional resume for college:

  • Education: In almost every professional resume for college, the first item that appears is the student’s education. From where they go to for high school to their GPA to any academic honors, this section is the first impression that is often used to set a student apart from others at his or her school. It’s also a great way to list which types of classes a student has taken, particularly AP and IB classes that show the student is willing to take on an extra hard workload.
  • Professional Experience: While this section will be different on a professional resume for college as opposed to one for work, it is still important that a student have some sort of work experience to show for on a college application. Whether it be a legitimate internship or just working at a restaurant part-time, being able to have a professional experience at a young age is a great way to show on a professional resume for college that a student is willing to work in a professional environment and balance it with school.
  • Leadership/ Extracurriculars: Another key section for students as this where they would put down what clubs, sports, and other activities they participate in outside of school. This is a good way for students to show that they are still involved with affairs while balancing a difficult course load at school. In addition, being able to put down leadership positions down on a professional resume of college is a huge plus in eyes of any college admission personnel.
  • Technical Skills/ Awards: This section is mainly used to list any technical skills that a student may think a school or employer may want to see. Such skills often include fluency in foreign languages for students emphasizing in international studies or programming and coding languages for students who are trying to go into engineering. In addition to these skills, students will also put down any awards or accomplishments that don’t fit into the criteria of the sections above but still are worth mentioning. In the context of a professional resume for college, this section is a great way to round out a resume as it fills in the small blanks that the other sections omit and solidifies the student’s profile.

There are other sections that some resumes may have, such as a hobby section for some investment banks and tech firms. But in the context of a professional resume for college and resumes in general, the sections above are the most imperative.

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