Community Service for Students Interested in the Arts

We already know that community service is an amazing way to show a commitment to giving back and making the world a better and brighter place. What you may be unsure of is how to integrate your interests with your volunteer work, so Empowerly is here to help. 

Volunteer experience is a powerful way to show college admissions officers your personality, interests, hobbies, dedication and more. Not only that, it can serve as an important network for future career opportunities.

If you’re planning to pursue a degree and/or career in the arts, you might consider these service ideas:


Participate in art shows or auctions, make and sell jewelry, or put on a theatre in which the proceeds go to a local cause. The options are endless when it comes to fundraising and the arts.


Public schools, parks, local community centers, animal shelters, and more are often in need of some TLC. If painting or renovating is your thing, grab a group of friends to find out how you can help beautify a local facility.


Similar to if you were following the STEM track, elementary schools or senior living centers are often open to inviting volunteers into their extracurricular programs. See if you can offer your expertise in the arts to facilitate seniors’ paint night or an after school art club.

Ultimately, you want to be purposeful about your time spent building your experience and resume. If you’re involvement with community parallels with your academic and career interests, you’re hitting two birds with one stone! As a bonus, you’re spending your time doing something that you enjoy.

Questions? Let us know!