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Arts (Fine & Performing)

Mock Trial 101

Mock Trial is one of few extracurricular activities that is an actual play-by-play simulation of a real-world scenario. From top to bottom, it’s a complete reenactment of a court case within a real court room and mimics the many facets that make up the legal system. 

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Business & Economics

Model United Nations

During high school, students are often given a wide variety of clubs to participate in. From varsity sports to student body, there is a plethora of options that high school students can indulge themselves to try and stand out to college admissions.

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Tips For Aspiring Law School Students

Why consider a career in law? There are many reasons to pursue a career in law, especially since there are a variety of jobs that suit all kinds of people. Every person’s dream job is different, but some common reasons to work in the legal field include:

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How to Do Well on the LSAT

If you’re applying to law school, then you should know that your scores on the LSAT can make or break your acceptance into certain schools. Therefore, it’s imperative that you spend a fair amount of time preparing so you do well. Don’t make the mistake of thinking all standardized tests are alike though. While tests like the SAT and the ACT test your knowledge of certain subjects, the LSAT focuses on deductive reasoning. So consider what it means to do well on the LSAT, and how you can practice and prepare to increase your score.

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Choosing a Major

Popular Majors for Pre-Law Students

When many students apply to college, they’re often not thinking about college – they’re thinking about what comes after college. For some, that means the work force. For others, it means going to medical school or law school. If you’re thinking ahead already, especially if you hope to become a lawyer, then you’re probably already considering schools and majors with that goal in mind.

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Choosing a College While Thinking About Law School

There are benefits to choosing a college while thinking about law school. While GPA, extracurriculars, and LSAT scores matter a great deal when gaining acceptance to law school, earning your undergraduate degree at a particular school can go a long way as well, for a number of reasons.

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12th Grade

JD/MBA Nuances: Application Process And Program Length

Recently, I addressed the question “What’s The Point Of A JD/MBA?”  If you’re someone who is thinking about pursuing a JD/MBA, it’s important to familiarize yourself with what the application process looks like and to understand the different options among the various schools you may end up considering.

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The Benefits Of Waiting A Year (or Two) To Apply To Law School: Part II

If you’re thinking about applying to law school in the near future, there are many benefits to waiting a year or two to do so. As noted last week, waiting may give you time to raise your LSAT score, thus putting you in a position to go to a better school or get a better scholarship. In addition to these benefits, waiting to go to law school offers advantages that future students will reap once they get to law school.

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The Benefits Of Waiting A Year (or Two) To Apply To Law School: Part I

Interested law school applicants would do well to consider waiting a year or two to apply to law school.  Law schools aren’t going anywhere, and by waiting to apply, future applicants put themselves in a position to reap numerous benefits.  In Part I, we consider the benefits that occur before law school.  Next week, in Part II, we’ll consider the benefits that occur during law school.

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