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Back-to-School Advice: How Many AP Classes Are Enough?

One of the most common topics students ask about is their AP course load. For many students, AP classes are a badge of honor. “How many AP’s are you taking? Which ones? What scores did you get?” Questions like these abound before every school year, and after it ends for summer. Similar pressure to achieve surrounds IB and Honors courses. This leaves students and parents to wonder, how many AP classes are enough to be accepted to a good college? For some, the question is: will it ever be enough? 

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What an Admissions Expert Has to Say About AP Tests

It’s AP season, so we talked to one of our wonderful counselors, Jennifer Liepin, about her own advice on AP tests. Read her thoughts below about: why you should take AP classes, how they help with college applications, how to prepare for the test, and what you should do if you don’t do well.

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My SAT Was Cancelled. What Do I Do Now?

You find yourself faced with the question: to take or not to take? Is it even worth my time and effort if some colleges no longer require it? Can I juggle the work that I need to put in to prepare, as well as the added pressure of studying online? Let’s dive in, and answer all those questions and more.

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