4 Tips for Getting to Know Your College Town

Saya Jenks
Saya Jenks

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The area surrounding a college is often overlooked as part of the college experience. Don’t miss out on getting to know your college town while you can. Take out time to become a part of the greater community with these recommendations:

1.Volunteer with a local organization.

Local nonprofits are always looking for volunteers. If you’re moving to a new place to attend college for four years, it is always a good thing to give back to the community that’s helping to supply the resources for your education. Look up local tutoring services or sports teams for under-resourced students, senior citizens’ centers, and public libraries. Additionally, companies these days are often looking for ways to engage with their local communities; so having volunteer work on your resume won’t hurt.

2. Subscribe to the local news outlet.

Like the local newspaper on Facebook or subscribe to the local public radio station in your Podcasts app. You’ll learn what issues are important to the local community, and how issues on your campus are being represented in local media. This is also a great way to learn about upcoming events like farmers’ markets, music performances, museum exhibitions, and more.

3. Take your homework to a local cafe.

Sometimes it’s nice to escape from the library or your dorm room to complete low-key homework assignments. Find a study buddy who’s willing to go off campus with you for a few hours on a Saturday morning and make a list of local hangouts you’d like to try out as study spots. This isn’t the recommended method for completing high-pressure assignments that are due later that night, but you can make writing ungraded reflections or filling out foreign language verb conjugations more relaxing by finishing them off with a latte and a pastry.

4. Make a Twitter list.

Twitter allows users to make lists that group particular users together. Follow some local artists, politicians, community leaders, reporters, along with institutions like the government cultural department, public schools, libraries, museums, and group them under the same list. You’ll soon figure out who the local personalities are and stay apprised of fun off-campus events that will help you get to know the community better.

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