Startup Internships

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Student Testimonials

“I have been really enjoying my internship. It is an incredible learning experience in a real company with real projects.”

“As a high school student it’s difficult to gain the skills required to be a good employee, so this internship has really improved my practical skills: social skills, setting goals/personal deadlines, working with others, etc.”

“I would rate my experience a 5/5 just because of how much I am able to learn, and because this knowledge will be helpful in my future career.”

Some of our Startups

Startup A

Startup A is a conversation tracking platform that generates notes from meetings. We allow you to record, transcribe and search business calls all in one place. Startup A is hiring for marketing and business development interns to expand our social media footprint and increase awareness for Startup A among employees and decision makers in our target companies. This role reports to our CEO.

Startup B

Startup B builds smart hardware experiences. Startup B’s flagship product is Nailbot, a beauty device for Gen Z makers and artists and hits upon the trends of personalization, creative expression, and the COVID-accelerated movement towards “at home experiences.” Nailbot is a connected, at-home manicure device that instantly prints on nails any photo, emoji, image or any self-created design. Along with the product experience, comes a built-in community of Gen Z creators via a mobile app art marketplace.

Startup C

Startup C is an exciting venture because those involved will be at the forefront in creating Smart Cities! First, we’re starting with helping small and local restaurants by giving them an affordable and intuitive pick-up SaaS system. Thereafter, applying the same technology to other sectors (ex: DMV’s and government facilities).

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