Our Social Good Promise

Empowerly strives to help students navigate the difficult transition period from high school to higher education. Because of this fundamental drive, we are always looking for ways to give back.


By giving educational presentations, workshops, and webinars about college admissions free of charge in partnership with local libraries and nonprofits to make information more accessible.


By donating time and resources to student-led initiatives for young people who are using their talents to change the world in a variety of fields, including business, entrepreneurship, technology, public policy, and mental health.



By speaking up for causes and projects they believe in.


By supporting our students’ and counselors’ professional development by facilitating and fostering connections between people across different career stages.


By going the extra mile to ensure that our students feel safe, supported, and prepared to face whatever challenges come their way, both inside and outside the classroom.

Empowerly / [ɪmˈpaʊərli] / im-POW-ur-lee

1. (noun): a community of mentors and resources with a common goal of getting students into their best-fit college(s).

a. Ex 1: Empowerly gives students & families power and control over their future.

2. (adjective): of or relating to the Empowerly team, their mission, or core values.

b. Ex 2: Our team is dedicated to the Empowerly dream of connecting super-students to superheroes.

See also: support system; family of peers; learning pod; positive role models.

Empowered students become empowered leaders, in turn empowering others. That is the Empowerly legacy.