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Looking for an excited, proactive intern to expedite tasks for your startup?

Missing the Robin to your Batman squad?

Well, look no further. The high-school students in our internship program at Empowerly are very talented, hungry to learn, and ready to work with you and your team. Sign up to be a professional member of our internship matching program - it helps students, help you!

Empowerly handles all the logistics from sourcing, screening, matching, and introducing students to specific roles. Companies only step in once they’re interested in moving forward with a student.

Participation is free. We love to make this a great experience!


I’d like to express, once again, how fortunate my team and I feel to be a part of the work Empowerly is doing. The interns they provided are true rockstars; and at this rate, we would hire them for full-time opportunities upon graduation.

– Company A


The quality of the interns are very high – we intended to work with one but ended up going for three.

Company B

Interns have helped with

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