Understanding Cornell’s New Technology Campus

Rashi Jindani
Rashi Jindani

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Cornell University unveiled its new technology campus on Roosevelt Island, a piece of land positioned between Manhattan and Queens. The new campus is miles from the actual Cornell campus in Ithaca, NY. Nonetheless, it is easy to see why they made this move for Cornell’s new technology campus. Let’s take a closer look.

Geographical centers

New York City has long been touted as the place where dreams become a reality. Leaders in all types of industries open offices in the Big Apple; and people journey from all over the world to find success, at the ideal of the American Dream.

However, with the emergence of the Silicon Valley on the other coast, some say New York City has lost some of its allure. Though NY still wins as the most tantalizing city in the world, San Francisco is attracting more attention. Technology is the future and most of the technology superpowers are in the Bay Area. Now innovators and entrepreneurs find their sanctuary in the confines of the Golden State Warriors’ playground rather than the concrete jungle.

Enter Cornell’s New Technology Campus

Students interested in technology should take note.  This new campus, named Cornell Tech, aims to shift the focus back East. A graduate school offering master’s and PhD programs in various tech- related disciplines ranging from computer science to health tech to a master of laws issued by Cornell Law School.

Though I cannot predict whether New York City will be the next technology superpower, I can say this campus has a lot of potential. Students interested in innovation and technology should definitely be shortlisting it when considering graduate schools. And I would expect to see more colleges follow its path across the country as various cities are trying to attract the type of talent and revenue the Silicon Valley has been blessed with in the past decade.

Learn more about the Cornell Campus at: www.tech.cornell.edu

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