Tips on Writing an Admissions Essay for Yale

Niko Mann
Niko Mann

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Yale is one of the most selective universities in the country. Writing an excellent admissions essay can increase your chances of making the cut. The admissions committee will expect short yet concise statements that also showcases your personality. Reviewing the questions and having your answers written before starting your application is essential. On that note, let’s take a moment to review the important aspects of the admissions essay for Yale.


Sound like yourself

When you write your Yale admissions essay, it is more important make sure that your personality is reflected in your essay than it is to write multifaceted sentences loaded with elaborate vocabulary. The admissions committee wants to understand life from your perspective, so choose a topic that is important to you personally. A few great topics are your goals and aspirations, family issues, profound life experiences, cultural experiences, and people who have influenced you. Highlight whatever strengths and unique attributes you have. These are the things that will make you stand out and help your chances.

Do your research 

Research Yale as much as possible before writing your admissions essay. The admissions committee will want to know why you have chosen Yale. It is also a good idea in your essay to state which resources that you plan to take advantage of while attending Yale. The committee admits students who they feel will best make use of all Yale has to offer. Make sure to mention how you have taken advantage of opportunities at your high school and resources in your community. This helps the committee visualize how you will perform at Yale and stay involved. Showcase your curiosity, motivation, unique talents, and leadership qualities.

Discuss your aspirations 

Choosing goals and aspirations is a great topic choice but even if you chose another topic, it is a good idea to discuss your aspirations. The admissions committee wants to know what your future interests are. What first interested you in your chosen field of study? Make sure to write about how Yale can help you to achieve your goals. Talk about how you would contribute to your community once you graduate. For example, if you are interested in law or politics, you might mention that you are inspired by the fact that Yale graduates include almost twenty U.S. Supreme Court Judges, hundreds of congressmen and five Presidents.

The deadline to apply at Yale is January 1 and the early action deadline is November 1. ACT and SAT scores are due March 1. You can find more information on writing college essays here.

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