Guides: Visiting Your Admitted Schools

Out of all the various college admissions events applicants can go to, none are more important than making college visits to the schools they have been admitted to. With admissions for most schools having already come out or coming out soon, applicants should be aware of which schools they are choosing between and plan accordingly.

The biggest thing that differentiates admissions events after an applicant has been admitted from admission events before applications were due is that there’s a lot more focus now around the applicant and the program he or she is interested in. Previously, applicants were trying to their best to impress the admissions committee and show that they can be a hard-working student. The metaphorical tables flip though once the applicant has been admitted into the school.

Now it’s time for the admission committee to convince the admittee that their school is better than the other ones that the admittee has received admission from. This is why the college visits after being admitted are so important. This is when the college will showcasing all its potential resources, highlighting its most exhilarating attractions, and more or less giving admittees every single reason it can to convince them to come in the fall.

Honest advice is sometimes hard to come by in college admission or at college admission events, but one group of people who are bound to give genuine advice are current students at the school. As mentioned in a previous blog about talking to students during winter break, talking to students at the school after another few months instruction should give a student a even better idea of the both the academic rigor and the general atmosphere of the school. Doing this should fill in most of the other missing questions that an admittee may have about the school when it comes to general life on campus.

While it may not be on the actual agenda of the admission event, finding time when visiting to talk to students can make or break a decision for admittee. There’s only so much the admission committee can say in blocked one to two hour info-sessions, so it’s imperative for admittees to seek out other perspectives on campus.

The biggest thing about admissions events for admittees is that it has become a whole new game after they’ve been admitted. From how the admission staff treats them to the type of advice they’re given, new perspectives are brought into the fold. This why visiting the college for its specifically catered events is emphasized. It’s ultimately the final push for an admittee’s decision which will decide the next four years of his or her life and beyond.

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