7 Great Questions to Ask on College Visits

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Kristen Seikaly
Kristen Seikaly

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While college visits are a great way to receive general information about a college, many prospective students don’t realize that they will want to ask prepared questions while they are visiting. Some questions may arise in the spur of the moment, but your visit will be more worthwhile if you come with a number of prepared questions. Here are some questions to ask on college visits, and why we recommend them.

What is the average class size and atmosphere?

A class of 200 has a different feel than a class of 20, or even a class of 12. Furthermore, some schools offer a number of lectures, while other classes encourage discussion, while others still focus on hands on activities.

What career services are available here?

There are a number of reasons to go to college, but career prospects are amongst the top. A college may give you an excellent education in your field of study, but if they can’t help you land a job after graduation, it’s debatable how much the education did for you. Find out if a college has a career center while you’re visiting.

Do you have a writing center to help students?

From essays to resumes to research papers, students do a lot of writing in college. Knowing there’s a place dedicated to writing help for any subject can offer peace of mind.

What does the school offer in terms of academic support?

College can be difficult, and especially if you’re looking at a top college, you’ll want to know that you’ll be able to reach out for help along the way.

What extracurricular activities or student activities do you offer?

Some schools offer a wide variety of activities, while others offer a select few. Ask if they offer activities you’re interested in, and also ask how popular those activities are.

What options are there regarding room and board?

College visits are a great time to learn more about what it’s like to live on campus. More specific questions include asking about the size of the dorms, what the food is like in the cafeteria, and how many students live on campus.

Where do students hang out on or off campus?

Knowing where students hang out, whether it’s to socialize or to study, can give you a lot of information about a college. You’ll want to make sure you feel comfortable with the student culture, and seeing where students spend their time can help you understand it better.

There are a number of questions you’ll also want to ask regarding your particular interests or situation. The most important thing to remember though is that college visits are a great time to ask questions about things you can see on campus. On a tour, a guide can show you where students hang out, or where sports are played, or what the career and academic counseling centers look like. This will give you a much better sense of the college than simply receiving answers to your questions, so use the opportunity to experience as much of a college as possible.

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