5 Ways to Ace Any College Interview

Martha Collins
Martha Collins

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Many high-performing academic students are intimidated by interviews. Are you one of them? While we can’t predict everything that will happen in those nerve-wracking 30 minutes, there is more preparation than you might think. If you follow the steps recommended below, you can feel much more confident about your ability to ace any college interview.

Tips to remember

Here are a few tips from Empowerly on how to become an impressive interviewee: 

  • Be prepared to comment on particular programs or characteristics of the college that combine your talents and interests. Show that you have done your research and that you are a good fit.
  • If it’s an in-person interview: arrive on time. Make sure to account for traffic or complex directions.
  • If it’s an online interview: test your technology. Keep your devices charged and find a good quiet seat.
  • Prepare 2-3 questions about the school (e.g class enroll systems, unit cap to graduate, how to declare majors).
  • Think about what you could provide to the college, based on the features of the school.
  • Smile! Always smile from the start and have a pre-interview routine that calms you down.

Frankly, these tips will help you in many life situations. From college alumni interviews, to internship meetings, to potential job interviews, all of the above apply. Feel ready to ace any college interview that gets thrown your way? We thought so.

Final interview reminders

After your interview, t’s a great idea to send a thank-you note to your interviewer. While this might feel strange, think about this situation from their perspective. They also set aside time to show up, focus on you, and get to know your goals. In fact, listening well is a sign of a patient and compassionate interviewer. So in the end, it’s polite to thank them for taking time out of their schedule for you.

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