3 More Elite STEM Competitions

STEM projects are an awesome opportunity for students to get excited about being creative and learning new ideas. In an earlier post, Empowerly discussed 4 elite STEM competitions a motivated student might want to pursue. Here are 3 more ideas!

  1. eCybermission

This competition is designed to get middle school students working together and solving problems. Sponsored by the Army Educational Outreach Program, you form a team of 3-4 students (grades 6-9th), designate an adult advisor, choose a category and problem, then come up with a solution following competition guidelines. Check for specific requirements and guidelines.

      2. Zero Robotics Tournaments

Create a challenge for robots on the International Space Station and the winners compete in space (through an astronaut). Zero Robotics has a middle school summer program and a high school tournament. The tournament begins online to solve a given challenge using a SPHERES robot. The tournament is run by the MIT Space Systems Laboratory. To participate you must submit code for a 2D practice run and 3D simulation run. Winners compete in a global competition.

       3. Computer Science Network Competitions

Want to compete online only without having to submit a report or prepare a presentation? The Computer Science Network offers two online games that require coding and computer skills. Both are motivating and require creativity.

Getting involved at the level of these competitions can be really exciting. They can give you great experience for college and some offer prize money to help you pay for college! There are other websites that offer STEM projects to do on your own. One website, https://makershare.com/ has almost 150 project ideas.

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