Upperclassmen Tips for Gearing Up for the School Year

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Andy Wang
Andy Wang

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As the school year is set to begin, upperclassmen begin to feel the full brunt of the application process. That impending process that has loomed over them since they first entered high school. Whether it is juniors preparing for their standardized testing; or seniors writing their admission essays; it seems life must slowly become a balance of classes and… everything else that colleges look at. Where to begin? Here are some key upperclassmen tips that students should take into account and practice when preparing for these crucial times.


Whether it be test prep or essay writing, students should always try and weave in time for each on a weekly basis. Again, it’s all about balancing school work load with everything else involved in the process. Consistency will help you chip away at big projects, a little at a time.


This is most applicable for the seniors: make sure that you are not late on turning anything in! Regardless of it be financial aid packages or early applications. Out of all the reasons for not getting into your dream school, this would be one of the most devastating ones. For juniors: make sure to know which SAT II Subject tests are required by most schools and try and get those down by the end of the year. And, of course, keep deadlines established by your school and teachers in mind as well. Extracurricular and grades should not be pushed to the back burner.


Take some time in the middle of each day to decompress a little bit by clearing your mind. There will be times where it feels like everything is moving too fast but taking these precious few minutes may just slow things down and make them more manageable.


Similar to relaxation, sleep is essential but both maintaining class grades and preparing for standardized testing. A well-rested body and mind can perform exponentially better than their late-night counterparts. And that will contribute to overall happiness and decreased stress levels that will be important for the rest of your life.


Overall with all the chaos that comes with the last two years of high school, students must try and think of the bigger picture. Yes, applications and tests are important, but so are many other factors. As always, classes continue to play a major role but more importantly, making sure to look after your mental and physical health are key. Making sure to juggle and balance is a skill that’s not only important in high school, but will translate in college and through your career as well.

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