Online Learning Tools for the COVID-19 Pandemic

Julia de Raadt
Julia de Raadt

Julia has dedicated much of her career to education. Since commencing with Empowerly, Julia has looked after the research team which handles student questions on different topics about college admission.

You might be looking for online learning tools for the very first time. It’s a strange time. Places of public gathering have emptied as people bunker down at home. In fact, there is a constant stream of advice on the social networks on how to stay busy at home that pops up on our screens, between the updates of new coronavirus cases and the latest memes circulating. So: let’s take a serious look at the available online learning tools you can take advantage of to help!

Thankfully we live in a time where technology can offer us a plethora of activities and distractions to keep us occupied. Additionally, schools continue to offer classes through the virtual network, thereby minimizing the disruption to education. But it’s definitely put limitations on educational and social activities: students can’t continue with volunteering, attending their extracurricular clubs or training with the sports team. So what are the online options if we are feeling at a loose end? Do ways to stay involved in the community without compromising our health exist? Can we get involved in activities that contribute to our education and add to the resume but give use a break from the online coursework?

Yes there are! While the activities aren’t as varied you can still stay involved.  Firstly, you can volunteer online. Here are some of our top picks for online volunteering:



Benetech develops  technology focused on helping people, not generating big profits. Apply your  passion and expertise online in areas such as literacy, communications, software development and business development. 

Age requirement: Minimum age of 15

UN online volunteers

Online volunteers can  join the global push toward sustainable development. Volunteers contribute directly to the work of development organizations, working from a computer, tablet or mobile phone anywhere in the world. You can find a list of the available opportunities (over 100) on their website.

Age requirement: Minimum age of 18

7 cups of tea

Here’s an opportunity to help others during this trying time by offering them emotional support. 7 Cups of Tea is an on-demand emotional health and well-being service. Our bridging technology anonymously & securely connects real people to real listeners in one-on-one chat.

Age requirement: Minimum age of 15 years with parental consent. 

One laptop per child

One Laptop Per Child gives every child in the world a quality, innovative education. The OLPC program provides each child with a rugged, connected, low-cost computer and a comprehensive ecosystem of educational support. Work with the dedicated team of volunteers that assist users with problems. Not much technical experience is necessary

Age requirement:None

Fortunate Kids

Fortunate Kids is looking for dedicated individuals to help with various departments to help in response to the coronas virus 2020 pandemic. We are looking for writers, lawyers, program managers, CPAs and volunteers to help conduct emergency relief.  Also looking for summer readers for low-income elementary school kids. Sign up on VolunteerMatch

Age requirement: teens eligible to apply

And, if you have the skills, there are plenty of volunteer tech opportunities available.

Social Coder

Volunteer programmers choose what causes they care about and what skills and experience they want to share. Charities and non-profit organizations explain the projects they want to start—Social Coder helps define the project and matches volunteers with suitable projects. 

Age requirement: none

Code Triage

Help out your favorite open source projects and become a better developer while doing it. Pick your favorite repos to receive a different open issue in your inbox every day. Fix the issue and everybody wins.

Age limit: none


TechSoup invites volunteers to help us equip change-makers with the transformative technology solutions and skills they need to improve lives globally and locally. If you are interested in volunteering with TechSoup, the first step is to join and complete your  profile so community members can read more about you.

Age limit: none


Need to take the ACT or SAT but don’t feel prepared? Why not take this time to prepare for your standardized test online? You can download free SAT or ACT prep tests and study guides online, watch webinars and/or get an online tutor to help you prepare. Here are a few online tutors who can help: 

Prep Expert

This group offers live online SAT and ACT prep courses, prerecorded video courses, and private tutoring. 

Zenith Tutoring

Zenith offers online one-on-one SAT/ACT tutoring  combining teacher-led instruction with online digital tools including over 600 instructional videos.

AJ Tutoring

These tutors have extensive experience proving remote instruction. Provides online instruction in small groups and one-on-one.


Why not use this additional free time to start preparing for your college admission application? You can’t piece together a solid application in just a matter of weeks, so better to start now than leave it to the last minute! The more time you give yourself to carefully choose your colleges to apply to and construct a well-thought through application, the better your chances of getting into a college of your choice. Empowerly can help you, we offer all of our services virtually (read more about them here), all you need is to connect to the internet and you’ll have  a team of counselors, essay editors and expert researchers that can help you in the comfort of your home. For a free consultation give us a call today!

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