4 Tips for College Admissions Essays from a Stanford Grad

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Madeleine Karydes
Madeleine Karydes

Madeleine attended UC Berkeley and double-majored in English and Media Studies. She is now an integral part of the Empowerly team.

Ever wondered what you should put in your essay to get into your dream school? College admissions essays are no joke. Listen in to an expert on the 4 key elements of a personal statement. Hear advice from Stanford grads on tips for college admissions essays that will make your application memorable!

Keep in mind, these are guidelines to help you out if you’re really stuck. You can always change it up! These tips for college admissions essays still allow you to freestyle depending on your personality and the goals you want to achieve in your college applications process. That’s part of the fun–but also, what makes the written portion of your applications so difficult and nuanced. Rather than treating these tips as hard and fast rules, consider these useful principles to help give your essay structure!

Tune in to watch what these experts have to say. (We also recommend grabbing a notebook to work alongside the video while make your own college admissions essay map!)

These are some key tips for college admissions essays, rounded up for you:

1. Tie-ins

Bring different elements of your writing together and increase the sophistication of your ideas.

2. Thesis

Also known as the main idea of your essay, a thesis makes it clear what you will discuss in the essay and how the topics relate to your overall picture.

3. “I” Statements

Communicate your thoughts and feelings in a manner that is both effective and genuine.

4. Sign-posting

Queue the reader that you are moving through your essay logic clearly and methodically. Transitional phrases are also very helpful for this goal.

And overall…

The central goal of an effective essay: to balance both memorable and simple writing to make you stand out to college admissions readers.

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