No Internship? No Problem: Still Build Up Resume in Summer

Natalie Thompson
Natalie Thompson

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For many students, the pressure to have a stellar internship or laboratory job set up by this point in the year is high. Now, if you’re one of the students who doesn’t have that sort of plan in place, it can feel like the end of the world. Or at least, the end of your chances at strong college prospects. Empowerly is here to say: it’s okay, you can still build up your resume with these activities!

Seriously, don’t worry; it’s not actually a lost cause! There are still ways to build up your resume over the summer, even if you don’t have anything arranged at this point. Here are 5 ideas! 

1. Investigate your career options

What is a day in the life of a veterinarian really like? What does an electronic engineer do for work? You can ask to shadow someone at work or look for an opportunity to help alongside professionals to see what their jobs are really like. Whether you volunteer or take a paid position, being in a work environment can help you narrow down your choice of college major and give you great work experience.

2. Find a good job

You’ll probably need money to cover upcoming college expenses and having a job in an area you enjoy can prepare you for your future career. Be creative! Working at a restaurant can teach you patience and interpersonal skills. Working in an office can help teach you strong organizational skills! Half of the battle is understanding how the skills you learn in one field can be generalized. For example, you could get a job at an animal shelter and volunteer to help the vet with animal care if you are interested in animals and medicine.

3. Take a college class

Want to pursue an interest such as writing or digital art? Interested in getting ahead in science or trying out computer coding? Taking a class at a local college can help you see what college will be like and learn something new. The deadlines for enrolling usually are quite late.

4. Be an entrepreneur

Start a new business with a friend or on your own such as walking dogs or teaching a skill. The time and effort you put in will show your creativity and ingenuity. Make sure to do some research into how to start a small business and market it so that you get some job experience and earn some cash as well.

5. Start a community project

Do something to help your community such as repaint over graffiti or pick up trash. You can get some friends together to take on a project that can help others and make your community a better place to be. Be sure to check with community leaders for permission or information about how to undertake the project.

Remember as you look for a great summer project that college admissions counselors are looking for quality over quantity. Instead of taking on four summer projects, select one or two to really show commitment and dedication to your areas of interest. And don’t forget to take time to catch up with friends and family. Looking into college opportunities too? Meet up with an Empowerly counselor to learn more!

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