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Hard Sciences

Brown University: Focus, Perception, and Bursts of Beta

Brown University is one of the leading universities in the nation with an accomplished staff dedicated to an excellence in teaching. Established in 1764, it is widely regarded as a liberal university, one of the first to accept students regardless of religious affiliation. It is located in the beautiful and historic Providence, Rhode Island. The school specializes in pioneering groundbreaking research in all areas of study.

Interested in learning more? Read up on some current research the campus is leading to enrich your understanding of the school itself.

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BS/MD Programs: Visions for Acceptance

The pyramid depicted below is a simplified rendition of our formula for college admission: at the base is academics, in the middle is activities, and at the top is vision. We are often asked how the regular college admissions process translates to admissions to BS/MD or BA/MD programs (also known as “direct medical programs” or “combined medical programs”).

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Pre-Med Opportunities You Can Do This Summer—and Stay Safe

As student plan their summer (or rejig their plans) to accommodate for the likelihood that social isolation will continue, students interested in the medical field are probably feeling particularly stuck. The two typical extracurricular activities a premed student will do are off-limits: volunteering at the local hospital is a no-go, and research programs at colleges are generally canceled.

So what are your options if standard pre-med activities usually involve direct contact with people?

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Ask Me Anything: How I Cracked BS/MD Admissions

Applying to college can be daunting, but applying to BS/MD programs can seem even more difficult. With admissions rates in the single digits, earning a spot in a medical school while in high school can seem like an impossible task. 

Learn from our counselor Rohith K. what his experience was like.

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Hard Sciences

Our Top Picks for BS/MD programs

Many students dream of becoming a doctor. It’s a noble profession, helping people and saving lives. While most students go down the traditional path of completing an undergraduate, taking the MCAT and then going on to medical school;  accelerated BS/MD programs are growing in popularity.

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Interviews & Networking

How to Ace Your BS/MD Interview

Many of the combined bachelors degree with medical programs (BS/MD or BA/MD) use a series of mini questions to screen applicants in their selection process. If you’ve reached this far, rest assured that you are a competitive applicant and have a good shot of being accepted into the program! But what can you expect to be asked and what is the format of the multi mini interview?

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Choosing a Major

Popular Majors for Pre-Med Students

For the prospective medical student, deciding on an undergraduate major can feel like everything. After all, medical schools want to see that a student is well prepared for the pressures of medical school, and then a career in medicine. Majoring in “pre-med” may not be the way to go though, or even an option at many colleges. In fact, a list of popular undergraduate majors for pre-med students doesn’t really exist, but with good reason. There are a number of more helpful factors to consider regarding future acceptance to medical school, which in turn may help you decide on an undergraduate major as a pre-med student. 

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Computer Science

Does Attending a Liberal Arts College Make Sense for STEM Majors?

High school students who want to pursue a STEM major in college (also known as science, technology, engineering, or math) more often than not consider applying to major research universities first. Not only are these schools known for their large STEM departments, top-ranked universities are often leaders in STEM research and innovation. With this appeal, a liberal arts college may not be on the minds of many prospective STEM majors. If you are one of these students, we’d like for you to take a moment and reconsider. Attending a liberal arts college not only makes sense for STEM majors, but may even be a good idea.

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Choosing a Major

Should I Apply To BS/MD Programs?

They go by many names. 8-year programs, direct med school, guaranteed medical school, etc. BS/MD programs allow high-achieving high school students committed to a career in medicine to lock down their track towards becoming a doctor. While few in number, many applicants latch onto these programs as an opportunity to streamline their way into medical school.

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