How Community Service Gets You Into a Top College

 High school community service is something that nearly every college hopeful should explore and take a part in during his or her time in high school. Not only is it a factor that is considered by almost all colleges and universities, it leads to other potential opportunities ranging from scholarships to awards to honors certificates.

In addition, there is a plethora of community service opportunities available to high school students, allowing them to take full advantage of them and not only strengthen their college resume, but also do something productive and positive for the surrounding community. The great thing about high school community service is that for most applicants, it’s a way to give back and possibly get professional experience.

Whether it be volunteering one time at a local food bank or taking time to help out with the local libraries weekly, there is no shortage of places for applicants to choose from (and donate time to). In addition, there are often volunteering opportunities that are directly related to potential fields that an applicant wants to study in college. For many pre-med students, local hospitals and medical research facilities have high school community service opportunities both during the summer and throughout the school year. Students volunteering at these not only will get community service hours, but also will be getting valuable experience that extends way beyond regular high school community service by getting early exposure to the medical field and its very unique facets.

High school community service opportunities that give field experience are not exclusively limited to just the medical field either. Law firms are also a great way for any aspiring lawyers to get an early look into the practice of law and shadow the day-to-day of life of a professional. While there is the common stereotype of the “coffee volunteer or intern”, there’s more to it if a volunteer is attentive and helps with meetings and asks his or her supervisor for more exposure to litigation.

There are many forms of high school community service that are available to the eager and attentive. The traditional forms of community service (i.e food banks and public entities), offer a simple way for students to help the surrounding area and donate time to improve the immediate well being of others.

Community service that gives professional experience not only helps the community in the long run by training future professionals, but also give the students that face time that is needed to determine if they really want to pursue that field in college. Whether it be either of the two options, it’s a no brainer that students should try to get involved in community service. Outside of getting the minimum hours for college admissions, it’s a great way to build a student both as a person and as a future employee.

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