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Transfer & Grad

Transfer Students from Community College

Is transferring into a 4-year university from a community college an easier way to gain admission into a prestigious institution? Statistically, no! There are a lot of myths floating around about transfer students. Let’s talk about some pros and cons and bust some myths. 

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Financial Aid & Scholarships

Paying for Graduate School

Paying for graduate school can be a challenge for many students. Different factors play a role in how much graduate school costs. A master’s degree program can be finished in one to two years in most cases, and the average yearly tuition can cost $30,000 to $40,000, according to Peterson’s.

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Data Trends

International Students in US Admissions

As many students are aware, international students are applying to US colleges at an accelerating pace. In this article, we will cover tips for international students applying to college and how US students should prepare for this influx of students. At Empowerly, we have helped many international students apply and get into top US colleges.

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