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How College Admissions Counseling Can Help You Get Into College

Applying for college can be an overwhelming experience, but college admissions counseling can help to simplify the journey. The college application process is complicated; navigating your way through, while dealing with other responsibilities, can be stressful. Lighten the burden on yourself by considering how college admissions counseling can make life easier for you.  

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Student Wellness

Stress Less: Mindfulness Exercises for Student Self Care

The year 2020 has challenged all preconceived notions of what the future will look like for the current generation of high school students—and it’s only June! That can mean a lot of pressure for students. With all the global uncertainty going on, it can be difficult to even think about making college decisions or planning for the next few years. We hear you! If you need a break, or some tools in your personal toolbox for how to cope with rising stress levels, read on. Our expert editor Norah shows us how to take a break and recoup your strength to keep going.

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For Parents

Case Study: How College Counseling Helps San Mateo Students Get Ahead

he city of San Mateo, located in the intellectually vibrant Bay Area, is an incredibly well-educated community. The US Census Bureau reflects an idyllic picture of a typical Northern California “brain hub” hotspot: geographically close to the Silicon Valley, residents bringing in a high median income (approximately $994k annually), homes boasting nearly universal internet connection, and of course, the classic mild California climate.

Yet with a launchpad as great as this one, students are still feeling lost facing the college admissions process. Cookie-cutter in-school support resources aside, where else do they turn for help?

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For Parents

The Public Health Benefits of Online College Counseling

Do you want to avoid falling behind—and falling ill?

At this point, we’re all probably a little sick of hearing about the Coronavirus. Its effects on the education sector are, however, an under-discussed area, and one where online learning can help solve some of the problems.

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12th Grade

Facing A College Rejection Letter

Guess what? Sometimes, even stellar candidates get rejected, for a whole variety of reasons. We’re serving up some perspective to untangle your sense of self-worth from your college admissions letters and college rejection letters. Check out this whole growth mindset business. 

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Life in College

Why I Wish I’d Had College Counseling

What can a college counselor offer me that I don’t already know? Student Sarah P. offers up a cautionary tale of “going it alone,” and encourages utilizing college counseling resources. 

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