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12th Grade

Top Universities in California

Are you curious if one of these top universities in California is perfect for you? Let’s take a look at the rankings, and learn a little more about each campus.

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11th Grade

Parents of Juniors: Let’s Talk About The Waitlist

You may be asking yourself, “The waitlist? My student is a junior! Why would I worry about the waitlist?”

While your application season is still months away, that doesn’t mean your college prep should wait until then. In this article, I’ll discuss the specific reasons why thinking about the waitlist when you student is in 11th grade instead of 12th grade can help you through the process.

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Data Trends

Creating Your College List Using Data

Developing your college list is a challenging task. Many students who approach us at Empowerly aim to apply to 6 or 7 (or more) well-selected schools, and spread those across safety, target, and reach colleges. So how do most people create these lists today?

Some students create complicated spreadsheets. Some simply apply to colleges that are easily accessible—schools that are geographically close, or that they’ve heard about from friends. Other students just guess, based on a vague impression.

But there’s a better strategy: one that will help you reduce your stress, find your best-fit campus, and put you on the road to success. Do those benefits sound good to you? Read on.

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