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For Parents

Parents: My Student Identifies As LGBTQ+

As parents, we want our students to thrive in college. How can we make sure our students thrive while accepting and growing into their identities? Parents and loved ones of LGBTQ+ students, read on for more.

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Is Homeschooling Beneficial? How Does It Affect My Application?

Since the pandemic broke, there has been an uptick in the number of students being homeschooled. For many, it’s a temporary move brought on by the pandemic, and has taken various forms: some (like myself) have opted to bring a tutor into the home; other families have banded together into “pandemic pods” to have their children taught together; and finally, in some cases, parents are teaching their children themselves. 

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For Parents

Student Stories Spotlight

Wondering what it’s really like to work with the Empowerly community? Of course, we think our program is pretty spectacular… but that’s just us. Hear from real students as they reflect on their experiences with Empowerly and advice they have to offer you.

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